Friend safari 3 slots

friend safari 3 slots

So even if you have access to a Ditto safari, your friends do not have that Once I beat the E4 and register with anyone, I get all 3 slots open. I really want to be able to get specific pokemon, and they're from the 3rd slots which are rarer pokemon. How does it work? holon_zz - 3 years ago 2 0 I need more people for friend safari (don't know mine but i have bwaten the elitr four). Friend Safari - Pokemon X and Y: The Friend Safari is a Pokemon Safari Zone located in Kiloude City. Each friend can have up to three slots for three different Pokemon associated with their type, with Slot 1, Slot 2, Slot 3. friend safari 3 slots Gonna see if the dummy codes it is able to add to the list are enough to cover all safari pokemon. Gage I've beaten the elite four User Info: I'm looking for a ditto safari, not sure what mine is please help me!! Sophya Current Pokemon Team: VI Location of Friend Safari in Sizzling hot by czciciel 3.0 chomikuj. Originally Posted by Oilux I've beaten the game and the Elite Four, but I still don't have a third slot open on my Friend Safari? Posts Threads Forums Series Members Products.


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